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11 years ago

Card File: Copy/Duplicate existing card

Is it possible that with an existing card such as a supplier to be also a customer without imputing their details again?


"Creating a new card file with an existing cards details"


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    I operate contra accounts and find it a pain to have to enter a customer and then re-type all the details once more in the supplier card.


    It would make since if you could duplicate the card with out having to export the detail's and then upload them again...

    One simple way would have a function that ask is this a contra account? if you tick yes it automatically duplicate the card in customer and supplier...




    "Duplicate/Copy Card"

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      I have on my card file many Customers who are also Suppliers and think it would be a great idea if we could duplicate the information from one card to create a new card

      Any thoughts as to why/why not?

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        I agree!  Although most of our duplicates would no longer be required if we could do an electronic payment of a refund to a Customer card.

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      A customer has brought from us and we have set a customer card in purchases. Now we are buying from them. It seems that I have to enter a new card of this customer on a new card even though we have all there details. Is it possible to duplicate cards.

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for the idea Pitpatrol. Currently there isn't an ability to create a customer card from an existing supplier card. We would love to hear what others think about this. Please show your support with further votes and comments.
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    Yes a very good idea - but go further please MYOB. Allow linking of cards even if different customer/purchaser - it is very common for a company headquarters to have multiple outlets - and also to be a purchaser & customer.


    Linking of cards would, in extension, allow a payment from say a headquarters - 1 payment, to be plsit between different customer accounts.


    eg. Customer - X Y Pty ltd - link - 1. XY Sales - Sydney 2. XY Sales - Brisbane 3. XY Sales Perth ; Purchaser - XY Pty Ltd.


    Link now allows - purchase to offset sales (perhaps)  easily. And makes easy 1 payment from headquarters for 3 apparent clients.


    The Doc

  • If we can copy cards as we have customers with same name but different addresses.  They want different statements but having to input their details in again is time consuming.

  • We also have many customers who have different deilivery address and some that are suppliers and it would be awesome if we could duplicate their card instead of having to input the details again. Would have thought that this was a no brainer.


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    Early versions of MYOB had this capability, can't imagine why it was ever removed, as well as the parent/child facility where you could have sub-cards under a card for companies with multiple outlets. Made it so much easier to keep things that should be related together.

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    I think cloning a card is a good idea.  we create a new card for an existing customer if its a new job number being used, as that is how our Directors can keep an eye on what the engineers are invoicing.

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    "Copy a card " was available in the Desktop version - AccountRight v. 19


    Alas, it doesn't seem to have made it, to the Cloud version.