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12 years ago

Card File: Same as Bill to address option for Ship to address

In my experience, most "Mail To" addresses and "Ship To" addresses are the same for small businesses in Australia. Why is there not a "Same as Mailing Address" button on the "Ship To" address screen on Customer and Supplier cards, to automatically copy all details from the "Mail To" address page. This would save an enormous amount of typing.


"Mail To addresses an Ship To identical"


  • Is there a possibility of being able to add a check box, when creating a new card whereby you can tick this if the shipping and billing addresses of your customer are the same?  would save so much time not having to double type everything in!

  • Most of our Clients bill to address is the same as the ship to address, wondering if you can put forward to the developers to add a button on the Bill to address (bill to and ship to address are the same) so it saves use from populating the card twice? 


    Very common in CRM's...


    something like this I have attached...just a thought


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    I am surprised that there is no tick box for customers who have the same billing and shipping address.  This would be an easy software change?


    Alan Liefting

    Ecotech Services

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      Yes me too!


      The majority of my customers have the same billing and shipping details and a simple check box function on the card information where you could apply all the information from Address 1: Bill To to Address 2: Ship To would save so much time. 


      Maybe there is already a short cut that we are not aware of. Is anyone aware of this?


      Software developers are you listening?





  • Hi


    A bit of a request.  I run an online business and am constantly adding new customer cards to my card list.  For lets say 95% of my customers their Billing and Shipping address is the same.  Its really annoying having to type out their address details in both - a simple tick box to say that the Ship to is the same as the Bill to address would be such a time saver!


    Many thanks for considering this request!



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    Can we have a check box to tick if shipping and billing details are the same?

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    I totally agree. This is long overdue. Surely it's not that difficult to add to the MYOB program.

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    When creating contact records within the browser interface, the user has the option to select Same as billing address for the Shipping address. Enabling this option will make the system use that Billing address as the Ship to address on invoices.

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    I am aware of that option in the browser inteface, but it isn't available on the desk top version.