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4 years ago

Card: Supplier - Include two remittance advice email addresses

My client would like to be able to send her remittance to a second email address.


Her company orders custom-designed packing boxes from manufacturers in Vietnam, on behalf of her customers - mango farmers in the NT a d Qld. The boxes have been deisged in Australia, by her company. It's a $5m. a year business.


She would like to be able to record a second email address on each of her her Supplier cards, to record the address for the supplier's Export or Shipping manager - so that they get a copy, at the same time as the supplier's Accounting department.


Kym Yeoward in Darwin


"remittance advice - send to a second recorded email addresses"

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    We would also like this function as a lot of companies have a generic email for remittances but then also our supplier account manager would also like to receive the remittance.