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12 years ago

Cards: Ability to send a SMS from AccountRight

To not suddenly alert my customers with a phone call and 'hassle' them to inform them of a pickup / price rise / special, sometimes I like to SMS them this info.  Could there be a function to SMS info from a card file ?


"SMS from MYOB"


  • This sounds like great functionality - especially in today's business world.  Let's see /when MYOB might be able to respond and develop this sort of functionality. I assume it would be a way off yet.??

  • Could there also be a funtion to sms a jpeg of employees payslip for those staff without email?

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    I really like this idea i mean who wantes to run multiple applications when this should be available iwthin your primary Customer Management Software.


    We send using a mobile now but it's manual and lose track of whom you have sent to and difficult to fileter Customers you want to send the text to where as all that capability is in MYOB.