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12 years ago

Categories: Ability to enter a budget

It would be really helpful for us to have the option to run actual versus budget in the categories. We run MYOB AccountRight Premier version 19.7.

'Budgets for Categories"


  • Hello


    Is it possible to include budgets for categories in MYOB...


    We currently use MYOB to manage various divisions of our business - each of which is identified by a specific category.  We would like to budget for each of our divisions seperately but as we understand there is no function in the budgets to split them by categories.


    We would love to see this in future editions.

  • If you want to do this right now, have a look at our Calxa Premier - it offers monthly budgeting by category along with a library of flexible reports. There's a 30 day trial available at http://www.calxa.com.au/freetrial


    Feel free to call me on 1800 733 149 if you have any questions.




    MIck Devine, Calxa Australia

  • Hi there, I have just recently starting using the web browser version a little bit and see there is the options for multiple budgets.  Any plans to develop the ability to compare category P&L against a category budget - that would be very helpful.

  • Hi


    Can anyone advise whether it is possible in MYOB to assign a budget expenditure line item to a category?