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7 years ago

Contact Log: Entry when invoices are issued/sent/emailed

The ability to automatically record email correspondence in the contact log when emailing invoices or purchases orders woudl be incredibly helpful.


"Create a Contact Log entry when emailing an Invoice/Supplier Order"


  • Sent emails are not reviewable in Myob AR.


    Can they be auto inserted as a contact log entry so they may be reviewed and a better record kept?

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      I agree, this would be a great record keeping feature.

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      It would be very handy if you could view a 'PDF' or flattened copy of the document being sent by email. For example, when i send my customer statements by email, i can see on the 'Sent Emails' icon that a statement has been sent, but i cannot view a copy of the actual document sent. Unlike the old system which used an email provider such as Microsoft Outlook, where you always had a copy of the PDF attachement in your sent items. Also i understand that you can click on the blue arrow on other emailled documents such as purchase orders and quotes and this takes you to the document within MYOB. However as documents can be changed/ammended you are never sure if those details within the document are what was actually emailled to the customer or if it has since been updated/changed. Your consideration is appreciated. Thankyou.

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    When a 2nd debtors invoice is emailed or printed it would be good have an option box to select - (tick box) yes if the invoice is a reminder for an unpaid debt.


    This would then record in the contact log as such.


    If this does not make sense let me know.





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    It would also be helpful if the contact log included a copy of the text included in the accompanying email as sometimes I edit the default text and then there is no further record of it unless I remember to copy before sending, then go and access the contact log to paste it in the notes. 

  • Yes this would be veryuseful to enable automateic inclusion.


    Has there been any further update on this?