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9 years ago

Contact Log: More space to enter details

Would be great to have more space to insert details of conversations, etc.  I use the contact log as a record of correspondence when chasing debtors.  There is normally a reason why they don't pay and often involves lenthy discussions.  Would be great to be able to record a much more detailed account of phone calls, etc.  Sometimes I have to make 4 to 5 entries to record one conversation!


  • Not sure how to keep this simple.  I use the Card Log to chase up debtors and record each item of correspondence on the card file.  I email direct from MYOB, however, there simply isn't enough character space to send longer emails.  Often, when debts haven't been paid it's because there is a problem that needs sorting and there can be lenghthy dialogue between the parties. 


    It would be nice to be able to attach external documents to logs as well.


    Also, can the following be automatically recorded on the card file (just like invoices being recorded):

    -  Invoices paid (receipts from debtors);

    -  Emails sent

    -  Emails received

    -  Anything that involves an action for that debtor


    All of the above but for Creditors as well.


    Debt Collection

    I regularly use the card file to select debtors to follow up - it's easy to see the ones that are showing as overdue.  I then go into the card, go to the log to get an update of where it's at, then proceed to email the Debtor.  However, I spend so much time clicking in and out of the various card tabs because I need to see how the overdue is made up (is it more than one invoice).  I either have to print a Receivables Report or write the information I need on a scrap piece of paper because I need to quote the invoice date, number and amount in the email.


    It would be really good if if you could view all the card tabs at once on the one screen including details of open invoices.


    Would also be good if you could click into other areas of MYOB whilst you have an email window open - I often create emails as I go and decide to add information - so annoying that I can't flick out of the email window to go elsewhere.


    In summary - there is way too much clicking in MYOB.  Most computer screens are large these days - there's plenty of empty space on my MYOB screen.


    Thanks for listening!

  • increase Size for typing message in Contact Log , there is plenty of room on the screen but only a tiny window. it seems that it has only a certain number of letters you are able to use. this makes it hard as we use this window to log each time we speak to the customer so we don't need to create a new contact log each conversation with that customer. it means we are more intellegent when we call the customer as we know what has been said to them previously. so we would appreciate it if you could increase the the amount you can type in this box.