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9 years ago

Email: Adding bcc

I would be nice to have bcc option at the time of emailing inovice to customers or may be an option that businesses who are sending invoice also receive a copy by sales invoice.  


  • This has already been asked about before and with every update..............still nothing has been done.

    We email our quotes through MYOB and currently have to send them from MYOB to our desktop so we are able to BCC  in the salesperson who has written the quote and the business owner when the quote is sent to our customer.


    Please this would save so much time.

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    I vote for this.

    I believe this is actually part of a larger issue - that MYOBs Email sending capabilities simply don't include many features that Outlook offers. This is why i made a suggestion to add a setting to get MYOB to compose the Email in Outlook, but NOT send it (at the moment it composes the email in Outlook and sends it automatically with no way to stop it or change it) - this will allow the user to modify the contents, add attachments, etc.


    Here's a link to my suggestion made a while back, although unfortunately it didn't gain any traction:

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    Would be great if there was a BCC option when emailing bulk statements.


    Would also be good if you could automatically save a contact log to the customer account for any statements and messages sent from MYOB.

  • We use G-Suite instead of Outlook - BCC would be an amazing efficiency for us.

  • Enable email addresses in card file to be BCC on emails where more than one email for a customer file exists

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      When we email family account invoices/statements where there are 2 email addresses entered into the file, each recipient can see the other parties email address. Where we have split families this is a privaciy concern. Is there any way for the software to default email addresses to  BCC  where more than 1 email address is inlcuded in acard file?