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8 years ago

Export to Excel: General Ledger [Detail] - Change template row sizing

Could you "clean-up" the Excel template that's used when exporting the GL Detail Report to Excel,
to ensure there are no virtually-hidden rows ?


Currrently the row below the headings has a row height of 2 - it should be 12
Same for the seond-last row - where you can also remove the bottom border, as the last row also has a bottom


Also, could you widen Column A ?

Currently it's very narrow - width is only 0.67. It needs to be 2.00 or more.


I would really appreciate it if you could fix this niggling annoyance, in the next upgrade.

As an accountant for several busy non-profit organisations, I constanty send GL Detail reports into Excel

- cleaning-up the template woujld mean I don't have to do a "fix-up" in Excel, every time I export a GL Detail report.


"GL Detail Report - Export to Excel - cleaning-up the Excel template"

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