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12 years ago

Find Transactions: Search by description transactional line

I'd like a search function for bills, purchase orders and the like by text in the description. At the moment the AccountRight can only search text in the memo, while most detailed information in bills are actually contained in the description.

Sometime I know that I had purchased something but can't remember from which suppliers or when, a search in the description would bring that out immediately. Now I have to go through tens of bills with up to 20 lines in each of them looking for the word!


'Search bills, purchase orders by description"


  • There is not any way to search the description section in the sales register.  The current search box only allows searching the Date, Invoice No, Ord No, Customer, Amount, Amt due and Status.


    The description area of the invoice has all the critical information to the individual invoice and customer.  


    A search option needs to be added that will search the description area / cell in all invoices.




    BRuce Calvert



  • It would be great if you could please consider including a search option to search by Keyword in the Purchase Register search bar.

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    It would be great to have a search function in the sales register that not only searches for the Customer Name, PO or invoice number, but also within the body of the invoice.


    We regulary have clients that ask us to look up previous jobs done at certain addresses / suburbs / subcontractors and work docket numbers.  Without going throuh each individual invoice, is there a better way.

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    I agree. I record lots of donations, and some of them have costs associated with them. I need to know the net donation for a particular type, and I record this information in the description field, but I am unable to search for this. This means I have to manually search each transaction type

  • That is my ultimate dream to be able to search both the sales and purchases descriptions.


    Please do it.

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    I would love to see this as an option, MYOB wide. I'm currently searching in Spend Money for a doorbell purchase to see if it is still under warranty.

  • MYOB really needs to get this function added.

    I need to be able to search the text in descriptions in MYOB sales invoices not just via item.


    Most of my invoicing is done via a text description and not by an item (this is only useful for people who sell items nto for consulting work etc).

    I have no way to search for a keyword in the description. 


    I know XERO and other software has this option so it really should be implemented into MYOB.

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    Hi Vass1
    Thanks for your post. I would like to extend to you a warm welcome to the Community Forum. We appreciate your engagement by adding your vote and providing comments on the feature to search text in descriptions in MYOB sales invoices. We understand the importance of this option to your business, and we will make sure to communicate your suggestions and feedback to the team. 
    Feel free to post again anytime you require further assistance.