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11 years ago

Forms: Ability to hide standard/default customise forms

could we please hide and/or delete unwanted forms - meaning MYOB standard forms.

"Invoice & PO forms


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    This 'new idea' has received my vote as I agree with the principle.


    However, my suggestion is that they be hidden in much the same way that 'Customised Reports' are now ~hidden~ away in a tab titled 'My Custom Reports'


    Please see the attached 'mock-up' for where the MYOB Templates should go in my view.

    Customise Forms - MYOB Default Templates.jpg

    Best Regards

    Tony Lane - Penguin - Tasmania

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    Status changed:
    Thank you for your post Debra. As Tony suggested, it would help if the Default forms could be moved to another folder/location so that they can still be accessed for future use, but are removed from the main list (to avoid confusion with the customised forms). I request others who would like this option to please Vote on this Idea.
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    great idea, we've never used any of the pre-populated or custom forms & they're just annoying to have in the list

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    Its too easy to email the MYOB template by mistake - my vote is to make them inactive (like inactive cards), so that you can use them if needed but they are not too easily available.

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    Yes I too find it annoying to have those unused built-in forms available as every now and then MYOB decides to use them when printing or emailing.

    My suggestion would be to add a check box to allow each report on the "Customise Forms" dialogue box to be set as inactive. That way if you want to use the form in future it would still be available in the "Customise Forms" dialogue box but not appear in the "Report" dialogue box

    This would be similar to making an Account inactive in the "Account List" so it can't be used unless you decide to make it active again.


    MYOB Forms.png

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    As you cannot delete MYOB templates, I would like to make them inactive or at the very least reorder the templates so that they are the bottom of the list. Like many users, we only use our custom templates and do not want MYOB templates accidentally used.

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    Once again, my customers have received blank useless invpoices without all the required information because I cant get rid of the myob default forms.

    Even though the card files were setup with the correct form, the email out invoices did not use this and sent out the default myob invoice|

    There should be the ability to remove these

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    For reasons I haven't been able to discern, the selcted invoice templte occasionally reverts to one of MYOB's default templates without us noticing. 
    Our clients then receive unbranded, default invoices with incorrect information which seem more like phishing emails. We then have to field multiple queries about these dubious invoices, and find and contact everyone who received one to applogise and explain and send proper invoices. Do you understand how unprofessional that is, and that not one of MYOB's clients wants that happening to their bussiness???


    I suspect the switch to default is related to MYOB updates, which happnen automatically and frequenlty now, making it harder to check that the templates haven't reverted after each update. Even if it is somehow us who change the template accidentally, we want to be able to prevent that kind of accident. We never want to us any of the default MYOB templates.

    If we could hide or delete all but our own template... probelm solved.

    I just can't express my frustration enough at this recurring problem.

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    Please MYOB can you make this a priority. I am trying to train new staff, and it really is confusing to see 10 forms sitting there. Only 3 of which we use. Many Versions ago before the online updates, we could delete these forms from an MYOB folder, making things much simpler for new users.