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11 years ago

Forms: Cheques - option to print in differenet currency

There are a large number of users here in Papua New Guinea. Our local currency is One Kina (K1) which is equal to 100 Toea (t). Hence our currency is KINA and TOEA as compared to DOLLARS and CENTS.


I've always been keen to make use of the cheque forms to have cheques printed. This is however inhibited by the fact that the currency that seems to be imbedded is limited only to DOLLARS and CENTS.


With MYOB becoming a very global accounting program, I think it would be great for your software developers to be able to allow the end-user to set their own local currencies for printing of cheques and other documents.


Why not start with KINA and TOEA for the PNG Market? I'm sure if you were to enable such a feature and have it released as part of your next upgrade, it would definitely be a hit with users, not only in PNG but also around the world.

"Cheque printing in other currencies (Eg. KINA and TOEA)"

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