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10 years ago

Forms: Invoices - Ability to customise reverse side of page

I need  to create a customised reverse side second page in Invoices?

Our commercial solicitor says it is of the upmost importancy that al invoices have Terms and Conditions of Sale printed on the reverse side of the sale invoice form.
Our invoices need due to privacy act, retention of title plus trading terms form on the reverse side of our customised invoices - it would be most beneficial and cruciual if we do this in MYOB?


"Customised Invoice Reverse Side Printing"


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    Hi Ridyllic

    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and customising the reverse side of an invoice.

    I would encourage other users that would like the ability to customise the reverse side of an invoice to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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    This would not be very easy to implement.


    Simple reason. Most companies do not own printers that will double side.


    It does not have to be on the reverse side of the invoice as long as the invoice clearly states where the terms and conditions can be obtained from.



  • Hi Kelly81

    Thank you for your feedback and voting for this idea, I have shared your thoughts with the team.

  • Correct not every office has a double sided printer, but most offices do send out their invoices as PDF documents, not by mailing a hard copy of the document.

    Could a Terms and conditions page be created, and when creating your custom invoice, an option box be available to tick, and include the terms and conditions page as either the revese page of the invoice, or as a second page.

    It is actually vital to have these terms and conditions on the invoice, as legally we must include them on the invoice to make them enforceable at law.

    Specifically, chargs over the assets are not enforceable , unless the charging clause is on the invoice.

    Getting this wrong can cost an enormous amount of money.

    Check with your Solicitor/Lawyer is you want clarification. already have.





  • We send out parcels and would be of great benefit to have a reverse side as we could print the delivery address on the reverse of the invoice to avoid us writing it on every parcel. 


  • We too are in need of an ability to print on the reverse side of an invoice for the exact reasons specified above for law firms needing to have the terms and conditions on reverse of an invoice.

    At the moment this is a tedious process where we print out invoice and then feed through again on reverse to print terms on.

    Please make our life easier. The need is defintely there.