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3 years ago

Forms: Pay slip - Combine payroll categories so one value appears

Would it be possible please to group certain payroll categories that I have created so they appear as one line on the employee payslip?

I have all of these categories for salary set up so the salary goes to the different account codes - but the employee doesn't need/interested to see all the detail - they just need to see one line for salary, and the other lines for the commission they earn, and other benefits that they receive..


Maybe they could be set up as 'sub-category' of salary category? then they go to the respecitve account numbers, but the sum of the them = 'salary' category on their payslip.


i know the alternatvie is for me to do a journal out of the salary account into the respective account code - but it would be efficient to do it when entering the details for the salary and then i dont have to go back and worry about it.


huge thanks, fiona


"Group selected Payroll categories so only one line appears on the payslip."

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