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5 years ago

In Tray: Magnify function

Can we add the function to hover/ magnify over a bill in the intray to see the detail. In the case of large amounts of data entry you are guessing which one you need to open. It would provide better workflow to be able to see which ones you need to enter.  


"Hover/ Magnify Function for the intray"


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    Hi, It would save so much time if we could hover the mouse over an item in the In Tray and it would quickly enlarge so we can see the detail without having to click and open the document. With many documents looking the same and the thumbnails being so small, if we could quickly zoom in it would save a lot of time when ensuring we're attaching the right document to a bill or spend money. Or even just seeing what's on the document. Pretty please? Thanks :)
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      Excellent Idea making it easier to view intrau items

  • Rather than selecting the document and then having to move mouse to menu bar to hit enlarge, just have right click functionality to enlarge the document.


    "In Tray - Right click mouse option to enlarge document"

  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    Selecting the In Tray document in the AccountRight Browser Interface will produce a copy of that document for easy referencing to ensure that you have the appropriate document selected.

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    Hi, this isn't a sufficient solution. We don't use the browser interface and if we did, we'd still have to work out which document is which from the tiny thumbnails and marry it up to what's on our server version. Defeats the purpose. Why can't a hover + magnify function be added to the server version? It's been a request since 2019, surely something could have been developed?