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9 years ago

Installation: Automatic updates

Is there no way to make MYOB upgrades happen automatically?


You've no idea what a plague it is to be constantly told by Adobe/HP/Java/Chrome/Microsoft, etc "An update is available for you computer, click here to continue... you must restart your computer..." It just seems to happen all the time, it interferes with my ability to actually use my computer and its programs, and it seems totally unnecessary. 


I really couldn't care less whether or not you've upgraded/improved/bug-fixed/re-uphostered your program. All I want is for it to work. So if you can make MYOB upgrade itself at night, when I'm not using the machine - without any prompting or input from me - that would be fantastic.




Lachlan Mills


"automatic upgrades"

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  • Status changed:
    Maybe later

    Hi Everyone

    For the AccountRight PC Edition (version 2021.1 onwards) and the AccountRight Server Edition (version 2022.4 onwards), AccountRight will check for available updates, download them and update you to the latest version automatically.

    More information on this change can be found on Help Article: Getting the latest version.