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11 months ago

Turning off automatic invoice reminders

We would like to turn off ALL automatic invoice reminders that are sent out to our customers. I have done some of my own research about this, and believe I have found the answer. Can someone let me know if I have done the correct thing as per my screenshot below?



I have also switched off the send emails using accountright in the emailing tab also. See below.

Would really appreciate some feedback on this as soon as possible.

  • Hi Sam_P,


    Thank you for your response. I understand that you're having difficulty accessing your invoice reminder. I appreciate your patience regarding this matter. I'd like to help you with this. Usually, the possible cause of the blank screen when accessing the invoice reminder is the internal preference selected in Internet Explorer.


    To access the Invoice reminder through the AccountRight browser version, kindly go to your business name at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Select Sales Settings >> Reminders >> Reminder Settings. Please refer to the following screenshot below:


    Please let me know if you have further questions about this. I'm happy to assist.




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      I want to turn OFF all automatic reminders, not turn them on.

      Could you please advise from my initial screenshots that this will in fact turn these off?




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        Hi Steve_Smith 

        My apologies, To turn off invoice reminders for all customers

        1. Click your business name in the top-right corner and choose Sales settings.
        2. Click the Reminders tab.
        3. Click Reminders settings. ...
        4. Deselect the option Send invoice reminders.
        5. Click the X in the top-right corner to close the Reminders and unpaid invoice summaries window.

        Here's a help article that has detailed information about : Setting up invoice reminders - MYOB AccountRight

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      Hi Steve


      Please can you give me clear, step-by-step instructions on how to find the Invoice Reminders tab.  I'm having trouble finding it.  Thanks



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        Hi Sam_P,


        Thank you for your post.


        Looking at your account, you're using the AccountRight live product. Invoice Reminder can be accessed through the Sales Command Center >> Invoice Reminder or via the Setup menu >> Preferences >> Emailing tab >> Invoice Reminders. However, if you'll be accessing your AccountRight company files via a web browser, you can access the Invoice reminder in the Sales settings >> Reminders tab >> Reminders settings. Please refer to the following articles below to access the invoice reminder:

        Please let me know if you require any further assistance with this. I'm happy to assist.


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