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5 years ago

Installation: Prevent Clearwater/Sample files from being installed

Please can Clearwater files be an OPTIONAL addon.

I have used MYOB for over 20 years and do not need to have it syncing on One Drive and wasting my bandwith. As I am in Australia I especially do not need a NZ version as well.

Surely if it can not be made an option it can be at least seperated into the relevant countries.

I know I can remove the sample files - and I do - but whenever there is a change they come back. Apart from my own PC I then have to do this for all the installed PC's at work - this is a really annoying time wasting nuisance.


"remove Clearwater'


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    Please, guys - this is important!

    This is hugely inconvenient for users and a huge waste of resources. It's been going on for ages and nobody seems to care.

    Are you aware that customers can vote with their feet?


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    Hi Ruth


    To remove the files it depends where they are stored - mine are in my One Drive File - Documents, MYOB, Account Right, 2020.2, Samples.


    I just highlight and delete the files stored in samples which are called Clearwater.


    If yours are somewhere else if you search Clearwater you can find them that way

  • Thank you . I've done that but there seem to be a multitude and they keep showing up! I will keep deleting!


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    Yes and unfortunately every time there is a new upgrade they get installed again! WE run the server edition so I need to do it on everyone's computer every time there is a change - total waste of time!