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7 years ago

Inventory: Multiple locations

Unsure how to add this as an "idea" but after over a year of constantly scrolling through past threads and posts, manual stock tracking, incorrect stock adjustment to account for mnual tracking outside of our main inventory in MYOB, our business accountant and MYOB support contractor have suggested I "suggest" this to MYOB before we go any further.


I know there is no option currently within AccountRight for multi-location inventory tracking. I know the alternate add-ons that have been suggested and the work-around by having double stock codes eg. Auckland xxx Wellington xxx


But it seems crazy that this much needed option from many MYOB Accountright customers has no time frame for being developed and released as part of a standard MYOB package. Everything else within the system works for our company with 2 locations of branches except the inventory management. Without any indication of when this feature is looked into being available we are having to look at moving our business to Xero, which also includes our sister company with 2 locations also.


I urge the MYOB development team to look at this issue sooner than later as it's been talked about in the treads back to 2015 as far as I can see, and still no resolve or indication to work on this feature.


Posting my feedback on behalf of our senior management team and accountant ahead of having to make the unwanted move to Xero which already has this feature available. Thanks in advance for any support out there from others who understand the frustration and inaccurate books as a result of not having this much needed feature.


 "Multiple Inventory Locations"