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11 years ago

Inventory: Printable price level form for customers

Would love to have a more customisable "form" for Price Lists.


The one in reports function is very primitive.


I would like to add company logos, The ability to add category headings for particular items and generally make the Form more acceptable to send to customers. You should also be able to select the pricing level/and or customer level.


At present we are having to keep a separate excel sheet of item codes and when updating prices, having to update MYOB and excel.


Its a fairly basic business process and all of the information is in MYOB. Exporting the data creates issues, when either overwriting or matching item codes etc.


A form would be SO helpful and alleviate a lot of double handlign for any business wanting to provide customers with prices for their products.


"Price List Form to be able to send to customers"


  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your suggestion to improve the data that users can sent out to their clients. Any other users that would like to see these changes made to the reports, please do vote and comment to show your support for it.
  • It would be great if Images could be incorporated into the  pricing report.  At present you can import a picture to an inventory item in MYOB but there is no way you can use this information in any report.