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9 years ago

Jobs: Attaching Documents to Jobs

I would like to be able to attach mutiple PDF files to a job.

We need the ability to store supplier quotes, delivery dockets and invoices against a job to easily see the detailed expenses against the used budget. At present we are doing this in a folder on the computer, however it would be much more useful to have it in the job information tab.


The ability to change and update the "details" of those PDF's could be very handy also to assist in our approval process.


"Attaching Documents to Jobs"


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    We're a manufacturing company that produces large equipment for the transport industry. As we have a significant number of repeat custiomers, it isn't appropriate to attach customer Purchase orders or Job Cards to a customer's Card file. Because we can't attach files to Sales documents either, it would be great if we could attach them to individual Jobs to allow us to have a simple paper trail for the purchase and repair/maintenace/warranty history for each tray we build.

  • It would be extremely helpful if there was the ability to store photo's in MYOB that relates to the job file. Wether it's completed pictures and the packaging as sent or if it's to track progress of the job through multiple photo's. If we could just drag and drop photo's into MYOB that would be brilliant.


    I'd pay extra to have that ability to track jobs through photo's and files by drag and drop. Kinda like how you can add an invoice/bill or order and stuff to the purchases register but for jobs and pretty much wherever you want I guess. It would help with the Sales Register as well. That would be so super handy.

  • Hi,

    We are in the Building Industry and we use the "Jobs" option daily. would be nice if we could attached the purchase orders from customers to those jobs which helps us to invoice instead of looking elsewhere.


    Thank you

  • We are finding the In Tray feature very useful in being able to quickly enter data as well as ensuring our filing is up to date. To extend the use of this it would be good to be able to add documents to the Orders as well as Purchases. The order stage os more critical to business management when goods are being shipped and we need to monitor expected arrival times from documents sent by suppliers.

  • I have recently moved from AccountEdge to AccountRight and am disappointed that I am unable to attach documents to jobs which has been in function available in AccountEdge for some years.  It is very handy to be able to attach photos and documents related to the job such as purchase orders, contracts etc.  It would be appreciated if this could be included in future updates which I assume shouldnt be too difficult seeing as it was previously available in AccountEdge.  Thanks