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10 years ago

Jobs: Monthly budget entry

Hi MYOB Development Team,


For future builds can you add Monthly Budgets for Jobs please.


I love MYOB software however one frustrating point I find with MYOB, is that you cannot set monthly Job budgets.


When running an organisation with multiple departments and Department Managers an Executive Officer needs to be able to see how each department is doing in comparisson to their budgets. 

MYOB will allow an annual budget to be set for Jobs which is great however, by setting budgets monthly you will be able to better meet your annual goals because you will better track your monthly figures. 

In doing so, you can make adjustments each following month to ensure you hit your annual goals.


It would also be very handy, to be able to break this down to Actuals v Budgets on several scales, EG Weekly, Monthly, Bi Monthly, Quarterly, Bi Anually etc....



Thank you

Ray Austin

"Addition of Monthly Budgets for Jobs"