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12 years ago

Jobs: Print job sheet to give to employees

We run a electricians business When we get jobs in I give them to staff on a paper job sheet. It would be great if MYOB could print off a job sheet with the detail of the work, and the customers address etc. It would even be better if I could do it on a Iphone while out and about.

"Job Sheet"


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    Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea 

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    I second this request. I'm a glazier. Surely this would be helpful to almost every trade business which must make up a significant percentage of myob users. PLEASE implement this.

  • A run sheet report would save alot of hassles within my customers businesses.

    This would ensure delivery dockets are not missed and ever job is delivered.

    sometimes paperwork can go astray when handling through many hands

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    I cannot believe it is now 2018 and this request is still under consideration.


    I run a business where i would like to hand a job sheet to an employee with the customers details on it and room for the employee to write down his time and materials used.

    Currently we type the details into Myob as an order. Then hand write a job sheet with the invoice number on it.

    This double handling and typing is taking up time.


    Myob can print a packing slip (after an invoice is printed), why can it not print a job sheet????


    If Myob cannot come up with a solution (it is 6 years since this original request), is there any third party software that can marry into Myob.

    I have looked at a few third party ""job" add ons. Sadly for me they all want to give reports and budgets etc etc. Not, what I want. I want a simple way of printing a job sheet.

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    Would be good to be able to convert an order into a job card and print it as a job sheet to hand to employees without any currency $$ showing.