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8 years ago

Journal Entry: Printing Individual transactions



Our organisation runs a lot of international aide programs.  Expenses on these programs need to be acquitted and audited.  A large portion of these expenses are allocated through general Journals at the end of each month.  The entries need to be substantiated with evidence.   Accordingly we need to print of each of the journals attach the evidence and have the entries approved and authorise - a key control mechanism.


It would be useful if there was a function that allowed journals to be printed individually rather than by date as the later is cumbersome, inefficient and wasteful when you have dozens of journals on the same date e.g. eom.




  • When is there going to be a simple print option for GL Journals?

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    Hi there


    I'm with Peter - I am also audited and need to keep a copy of journals on file with supporting documents.


    The current process I have to go through is manually recording the journal number, and then printing the journal from the 'Reports' menu (using the Advanced filter to print just the one journal).


    This seems to be a very long winded process to print a journal.... Hoping the 'print' option on the menu can be activated on the journal screen so I can print directly from this screen...





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    Hi InterplastFM, Windmill, if you display the transaction journal (the option below "Record Journal entry", and select the "General" tab, you can enter a date range, then a journal ID number (in both fields), then select Print at the top left, and you will print just the one journal:


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    Thanks Mike. I was hoping that when I created a journal I could just print the journal easily from that page. Not have to go through a multi-step process.


    1. Document the journal number and date

    2. Go to 'Reports' (or 'Transaction Journals' as you suggest)

    3. Update the fields to show the journal I require.

    4. Print!


    I was hoping to be able to do the below (print is currently greyed out so you can't...)!


    I was hoping to be able to do the below!



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    Please could MYOB consider making it possible to automatically print a Journal Entry record as soon as it has been recorded without having to go into the Transaction Journal, enter (exactly) and then print.  It would be so much easier if it was like a cheque.