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12 years ago

Lock period: Certain parts of program

Would be helpful to have different levels of locking down periods.

Example: Sales to have a different locking period, so no more sales could be entered, but still keeping Purchases unlocked. Saves locking and unlocking periods for different transactions.


"locking periods"


  • It will be very useful if we can extend the Lock Period function for some modules in the system at some stage of data entries and not all modules, as for our business, for example, we finish sales entries on the last day of the month but we keep receiving expenses invoices for two weeks after, we need to stop users from mistakenly entering sales entries in a particular month but give them the access to keep entering expenses so a function to lock the period for Sales module will be ideal 

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      Or even a password lock so that only those who have the password can enter transactions.

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    Hi there


    Could the re-printing and re-emailing sales and purchases invoices be available in the locked period?  In my company, only the administrator or the accountant locks the period once BAS is ready to go.  The operational accounting staff don't know how to do so which is good.   Yet invoices need to re-printed/ re-emailed in the locked period for various reasons.  We don't want to let the accounting staff to lock and unlock the period because it is causing more issues if people forget to lock it back and put entries in that period.  And it's a pain and not convenient to ask the accountant to unlock it every time when an invoice needs to be re-printed.  The accountant is  not always in the office.


    So much appreciated if re-printing and re-emailing invoices are allowed in the locked period.




  • I would also like to see the ability to have different levels of locking periods. The above suggestion would work or an alternative would be to lock period access based on the various user roles.