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4 years ago

MYOB Invoices (app): Ability to CC another email address when sending

Dear Technical support


When emailing invoices from myob app our client requires to cc people on the email however only has the option of the 1 contact coming up. We would like to suggest this as on option that could be considered as a software update.


Thanking you




"Being able to enter a cc email address in the app to send invoices"


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    Hi Nicole - I agree, it's a great option.


    One thing I do when I need to add in more, I put them in the same "TO" address with the emails separated by ;


    This way you can put in as many as need be.




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    Hi NicoleMC 

    I have the same issue and the workaround is to enter all the cc email addresses separated by a semi colon (;) no spaces in the email address section of the contact card. Just remember to check the addresses carefully as there isn't much room but it does work. Good luck! :)

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    Hi All

    Isnt it just a bit sad that we have to create "workarounds" to cover for the poor functionality of so many parts of MYOB

    And that MYOB and THE TEAM  dont seem to actually care about improving and changing anything that would make it work so much better

    They are very happy to take our money and when you do the maths its a goodly amount of money

    Lets say there are 10,000 of us out there that use Myob in various forms ( and im sure there are several if not 10's times more)

    And we pay around $120 per month for our subscription

    Thus 10000  X $120 equals $1,200,000 per month for a poor excuse of a program that requires a lot of "workarounds" to use

    I feel that they are not fulfilling their side of the bargain

    and if there are 100,000 of us suckers the its $12,000,000 per month

    Im pretty sure that even at $1,200,000 per month they could employ enough programmers to give us heaps of upgrades each month and make it work like it should

    Sad,mad and disgruntled 






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    Yes I know and understand the workaround is by using a semi-colon - but I specifically want a cc.  When putting all the emails in the "To" field - it is assuming that the information is being marked to the attention of all whereas I prefer it going to the attention of the 1 person, with others (ie. cc) noting it is for their information only and they know who the main document was marked to the attention of.  (if that makes sense!)

  • Yes. But also can I suggest making it possible to cc or bcc a copy to a common email address that we own to verify and archive proof of sending invoices and to see what the customer's invoice looks like.

  • LaraSST  I agree that the CC option would be a much better solution. We contract to companies that have several Project Managers and we need to be able to send certain invoices to particular people depending on the job. It is just not practical to add them into the Contact Card for their employers. At the moment I have to send the invoices to their accounts payable and then go back in and export the invoice my compture and email out myself.