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9 years ago

MYOB Invoices (app): Contacts - Shipping address and Contact fields

Being on the go, I would like to rely on MYOB to see person's name and shipping (physical) address, but neither show up on my phone.

There is only phone, email & postal address (a PO Box here is no good to me).


I would like to see the following features added to the contacts page:


Shipping Address.


'MYOB on the go features"


  • Hi


    The main reason I upgraded to MYOB AccountRight was to use the android app.


    Now I find out that I'm unable to change/edit ship to addresses when I invoice.


    I think this is very basic functionality that SHOULD be in your mobile app.

    I have customers which multiple addresses, and for one off sales, I use a Cash Sales customer and manually enter the customer details in the ship to address field.


    Not being able to do this means I cannot use this app... bit pointless for me to have upgraded, and now have to keep paying money every month for something I cannot use!!


    Very disappointed.


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      Need to change ship address per invoice.  We use ship field to note customer order details as there is no other field available to load info in a way customer wants to see it.  Works great on computer invoicing but to do this on To Go I have to access customer file first and change.  All double handling when To Go should offer same as normal invoicing for those of us on the road. Thanks.