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10 years ago

MYOB Invoices (app): Form selection for sale

Having the ability to add a new customer and send a service (layout) invice straight to the customer from the app is brilliant, but we find that because we cannot change the form, when a new customer is created from the app, becuase we cannot change the default layout or form on the card either, the invoices pick up the MYOB default form.


The only way we can currently fix this is by going into the MYOB computer program itself and updating the default layout/form on the customer card, which defeats the purpose of creating a new client/invoice from the app.


"Feature Request for MYOB Pay Direct  - Ability to change form before email is sent"

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    Hi Everyone

    MYOB OnTheGo/ PayDirect will allow for the user to change the default form on a customer's card via the app. This is done by selecting by navigating to the required customer card and selecting the Printed Form (do need to select a Sales Layout first) from the bottom of the window.