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5 years ago

MYOB Invoices (app): Include user restrictions

MYOB ONLINE APP/TIME RECORDING - Needs improvement.  Please develop the ability to restrict timesheet users from seeing customer balances, restrict so they timesheet user cant see sales invoice details.    Businesses don't want to expose all financial sales data and IP to all their employees.  


Need three restriction types:

  1. Customer (read-only) - has access to everything in the APP but can't change customer details, create invoices or amend invoices.
  2. Customer Detail - has full access to the APP
  3. Timesheet user - only has access to create time  ability to add a new customer and view customer contacts (but not see invoices or customer balances). 


<name removed> can you please pass this onto the development team, please. 


"MYOB Online Invoices App - needs user restriction preferences"

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  • We saw the tracker app in beta form and it looked perfect as a timesheet app for our field service workers.  Unfortunately, it now gives details of all of our invoicing, which we really dont want them seeing.   We will now need to look at other apps options for timesheet entry