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9 years ago

Online Emailing: Show activity on statements

Great improvement on being able to send sales invoices directly from MYOB without an email client.

However, when sending customer statements, we do not have any "View Activity" button like we have for sales invoices.

How will we know if the customer has indeed received the statement.

This would be a great improvement.  Lets be consistent acrros all the sales functions in terms of sending invoices, statements, quotes etc.directly from the software.

"Sending statements in MYOB Accountright 2016.1"


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    Or at the very least, be able to view in the Sent Emails that the statements have in fact been sent

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    Being able to track the activity on a statement is something we would like to add to AccountRight in the future.


    In the interim though you can see whether the statement has in fact been sent in the "Sent Items" window and even filter to only show statements.


    Sent Items.jpg


    Thanks again for your suggestion it is something we will certainly consider.

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    How do you view the statement that was sent?

    I want to see what the customer saw on the statement sent.

    Thank you