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5 years ago

Packing Slips: Own print window

When someone is entering or just viewing a customer order, it would be beneficial if there was a separate icon/button just for printing packing slips.  At the moment, it's a bit of a process to print packing slips, and even more difficult after they have already been printed (eg. if an error is made in an order and re-printing is required). I understand there are multiple ways of printing packing slips, but just a simple icon/button would be more efficient.


"Separate icon to print packing slips"


  • I would like to be able to only print the packing slip and not the invoice in the window where I have created the sales. Currently you have to print the invoice to get the packing slip printed. I dont want to have to spend time going to another window to do this.

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      Hi SUSIEMT64 

      What you want is a great idea but its really only part of allowing us to fully customise the print/email/display for all purchasing and sales 

      We need to be able to preset print/email/display buttons with the options we need even if the programmers dont see why we would want to

      such as printing just a packing slip or a picking slip or a copy of an invoice to a different location 

      Lots of possible scenarios but so far we have only the fixed MANY BUTTON PRESS print option that we currently have

      Its the lack of foresight of their part that we could possibly want something other than what they see as the only options 

      I have asked a number of times for them to allow us the users to be able to customise theis ( and lots of other parts as well) and so far nothing has been done 

      So I hope you have better luck 


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      such a simple idea that I believe has been requested multipul times. same with the print and email at the same time option. for us we are trying to go more paperless now and would love the idea of being able to print the delivery docket and email the invoice at the same time. that is not a option unless we set it to print invoice and then print delievery docket. It sometimes seems the simply things are being left behind that would make our ( the customer) lives much easier with out going from window to window just to make 1 sale.