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13 years ago

Packing Slips: Print using customised form

I have just upgraded to AccountRight Standard and cannot customise the Packing Slips.  I have saved my customised packing slipsbut the system just keeps using the default setting which I cannot change.


'Customising Packing Slips"


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    Hi E,

    Welcome to the MYOB Community User Forum.


    I'm sorry that you have experienced this poblem, it is an issue which is resolved in Service Pack 4 (SP4).  SP4 should be released within the next week or so and it's release will be announced on the forum.

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    This has been fixed in Service Pack 4. You can install this via the Help>Update menu in AccountRight. To set the right packing slip go to Print Invoices, select Advanced filters and choose the custom Packing slip form you want to use. This will then be used by default. If you are using the option to Print Invoices and Packing slips at the same time then do the steps above before printing invoices. Hope this helps, thanks for the feedback.
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    I'm not sure I consider this an acceptable fix!     Its ambiguous at the least.

    Possibly this needs to be handled at a "forms / template" or preference level.

    I.e.. A FORM ATTRIBUTE - "make this form the default"

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    Hello GFR,


    Thank you for your feedback. The reason this process has been used is as this is in line with setting defaults for other forms. It is also how default packing slips have been set in previous versions.

    However I can see how this process for setting default forms may be a bit complicated and ambiguous. If you would like to make a suggestion for simplifying the process for setting defaults for all forms I am sure our product development team would be keen to receive your feedback.