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9 years ago

Prepare Electronic Payments: Ability to disable Information box - Check the BSB and account numbers



Is there anywhere I can turn off the warning "make sure BSB and Account number for Suppliers", it is very annoying?



"Company BSB and Account Number check"


  • Hi, I was looking for help today, with removing the little blue information BSB reminder box that annoyingly pops up and gets in the way.

    Information I was reading was dated July 2015 and you were going to let IT know for their next update!

    Well, that was 6 years ago and the recent update yesterday 2021.5.2 still has this annoying box popping up.

    When will it be removed? or at least let me know how to disable it, as I believe that wasn't possible in July 2015.

    I have been using MYOB for 20 years, once I put in the BSB information, check it and use it, I DONT NEED A CONSTANT DAILY REMINDER, that leave pops around the screen and gets in the way of performing an action - I understand that is what it is design to do, but really once a payment has been made using those details surely the box can automatically disappear as checked, without the constand reminder or at least be disabled.

    Please can we have some eyes on this issue.


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    Can we just get rid of this already? I am sick of it getting this pop up STUCK on my screen, even after I have closed the Pay Bills section I am so over it blocking the details. This should be in the preferences as an option to disable. We don't need MYOB to nanny us each time.
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    Hi, Stillonhold


    Thanks for your post.


    We truly appreciate your feedback regarding this concern. At the moment, the warning message still appears, so you will be reminded of what may happen. With this, as we value your feedback and suggestions and this post is already written in the ideas board exchange, it will be relayed to the relevant team.


    Best regards,


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    The worst thing about MYOB, and this useless forum, is this example of a moderators response.
    It's a overly polite dismissal, to a problem that has been raised and liked hundreds of times over the last decade by paying users.

    Can MYOB just allow moderators to be honest?
    Lert's be clear , the response shoud be "" MYOB has not one care of fixing this.   There is no money to be made in fixing it.  Developers are focused on useless updates like motivational quotes in the dashboard."

    It's not a warning that is needed every time, it is buggy and keeps freezing as pop up in my screen.  It slows us down.
    So many warnings to be taken into account when working, why bother protecting this one?
    Warning, you have entered an invoice, is the amount correct?
    Warning, you have entered a bill, is the supplier correct?
    Warning, have you looked both ways before crossing the road?

    We don't need, or want this nannying.  We need an option to switch it off already!