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7 years ago

Prepare Electronic Payments: Move the Bank File button

Hi guys,

3 decades of computer & device use has basically trained humans to look in the bottom right corner of a window for action buttons (eg 'submit', 'cancel', etc). So could you please add a 'Bank File' button to the lower right corner of the Prepare Electronic Payments window?

At present, this window only has a 'Close' button. When I'm working hard'n'fast in MYOB, it's too easy for

me to think this is a more useful button (ie one that will do the next logical step, which is to create the Bank File). And the window closes.

And I start again.

And wish that all app developers could have degrees in either anthropology or psychology.

Love your work,



"Humanising the Prepare Electronic Payments window"


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    Could we bring back the "Create a bank ABA file" button ?

    The icon"Bank" dowsn't give enough info.

    Also, could we have some info as to where the new ABA file can be found, on this screen ?


    Kym Yeoward CPA & CC

    now back in Darwin 

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    Logic would be to start at the top and work to the bottom.  




  • Status changed:

    Hi Everyone

    The Download bank file button is located in the bottom right of the Create electronic payment window in the AccountRight browser interface. This is similar to other windows that do have a record or save button in the bottom right.


    Please note: The Bank file button is listed in the top right for the AccountRight Desktop's Prepare Electronic Payments window.