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12 years ago

Purchases: Entering multiple transactions in bulk

We receive end of month statements from suppliers, often with 20+ invoices attached. Entering these is slow and time consuming. It would be wonderful to have the ability to make multiple entries for one supplier (similar to the way in which you can enter activity slips either individually or in bulk.) 

I'm sure other people who make mulitple purchases from a supplier on a monthly account basis would find this a useful feature. 

'Entering multiple purchases"


  • Hi Mikala - welcome to the Forum.


    The way I work around this is I ask the suppliers to send through the invoices on a daily/weekly basis for data entry.


    If not using inventory in any way, I enter the statement as a whole in purchases rather than the individual invoices.  I use the Professional Layout and key the date as the last day of the month (according to the statement date), and the Supplier Invoice Number I also key as the last day of the month).  The Professional Layout allows me to key the date of each invoice listed on the statement, and I put the individual invoice number in the description.


    Perhaps it would be a good idea if we could have another column in the Professional Layout that we could use for the invoice number which would be able to be searched within MYOB?


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    I would love to see functionality that when you open a supplier card in the Purchases area, you can enter multiple invoices, some of our suppliers send all their monthly purchases at the end of the month so there may be any number of entries to be processed, being able to enter within that one screen would be a big time saver