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10 years ago

Purge: (Invoice) Transactions

In the Classic V19 we could purge data anytime after closing of the financial year end and there are reasons why old data is retain then purged at a later date.


As a manufacturer's warranty agent we need to retain stock on hand then invoice the stock back to the manufacturer quoting their Invoice Number and actual cost price paid. We still have stock on hand going as far back as May 2012 and can not purge the data until stock is used.


This feature would be great for these kind of senarios, please consider bringing back purging of old data.

"Purging old data"


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    How arrogant of you MYOB to tell me that I don't need the Purge option in Accountright live because file sizes don't grow. It isn't about file sizes for me, it's about me being in control of my accounts, like being able to delete inactive accounts if I want to - which means purging transactions (in some cases from many years ago) in those accounts before the account can be deleted.

    This isn't a wanted option, it is a needed option.


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    HI FoxyWA

    I couldn't agree more, MYOB is holding a very arrogant attitude in deciding we do not need to purge accounts.  I have accounts from years back clogging up the system and preventing efficient running of reports, some I cannot even run unless I amend configuration files and apply a timeout extender.  Not good!

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    Three years later and MYOB still has failed to return existing functionality.

    Let's be clear, this is NOT NEW FUNCTIONALITY and should not need to be voted on! It is functionality that has been removed from the previous product, which we are being told will be decommissioned.


    MYOB, you need to get serious and add back all the features and capabilities that were removed from the Live versions before you can even consider decommissioned the Classic.


    The lack of adding these back can be perceived as a tactic or ploy to force users onto your "bigger business" products. Don't think ACCC or Fiar Trading would look too favourably on this.

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    Yes, I also believe MYOB needs to return to the user being able to choose whether to purge or not.  Having the choice taken away is not viable.  


    I am tired of having old 'rubbish' still on the system because I cannot get rid of it.  Plus it takes longer and longer to do backups.




  • Add my voice to the cry for the return of the end of FY purge.  The file size gets large, and then the API stops working.

    Should not have to pay other companies to chop the file size down, so I can get things back on the road again.