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11 years ago

Receive Payments: Overpayment finance charge warning

I would like support to consider changing the way the finance charge is applied in the system.


When an overpayment is made in either receive payments or pay bills and there are no more invoices to apply the outstanding balance to, the program will automatically apply the overpayment to finance charge.

Often the user had never intended the balance to go to the finance charge, some users had assumed it would be listed as an overpayment, others did not know what happened to it.


The finance charge was designed for a particular purpose but has resulted in becoming a black hole for over paid monies(it is now an unintended bug)


I would like to see a new process be created that would require relatively little programing, that would solve this issue.


I propose that when ever monies are listed in the finance charge section of the received money or pay bill, that this triggers a check box that asks the following question.


Is $XX.XX in the finance charge field an overpayment or a finance charge, please select an option to allocate it to the correct area.  ( or some wording to this effect)


This would resolve an issue of monies being lost in the system, and some out of balance issues occurring in AccountRight as a result of clients trying to fix finance charge transactions and only deleting one side of the transaction and not both.

"Finance Charges on over payments"


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    Hi Tactical Thank you for your feedback into the AccountRight programs A warning message to see whether you would like to record it as an Overpayment instead of a finance charge would make clients and more than likely Bookkeepers/Accountants easier to find money that may have been misallocated. I do encourage other users to vote for this idea and comment if required.
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    Agreed. The Finance Charge is very confusing. The finance charge does not show as a CR on the customer's statement and it does not show up under the Returns & Credits tab in the Sales Register. As mentioned, it would be very easy for monies to end up in a black hole.