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12 years ago

Reconcile Accounts: Highlight selected values

I currently use Accountright Live 2012.10 and it is very dificult to see which items you have selected as it all shades of grey (other than the very small tick on the left)  Is it possible to change the colours used in the bank reconciliation.  (maybe to blue or red, anything but grey)


Also the ability to make the text larger system wide as you could do before the upgrade to Live would be great for all of us with poor eye sight!




'Bank reconciliation in accountright live"


  • Small updates like this can really improve the user friendly-ness of the program. I hope MYOB can see the importance of this - I voted for it.

  • I agree - with not having the best eyesight, sometimes it is hard to see if you have highlighted an item on the bank rec - the option to choose a bright colour would certainly be beneficial.

  • Status changed:
    Coming Soon
    Great idea! We are currently working on improving the colours used when performing the bank reconciliation.
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    Status changed:
    Coming Soon
    We're pleased to say that this change has been implemented in our 2013.1 update. Ticked items on your bank reconciliation are now highlighted in purple and should be much easier to spot.