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11 years ago

Recurring Transactions: Record multiple (same) copies of transaction (different months/periods) at once

I would have great use for a function that allowed a transaction to be recorded multiple times.


This could be achieved by adding functionality with the Recurring Transactions that allowed you to specify a start date, a finish date, and a frequency, and then adding a great big button that said "record all these transactions now!"


This would work for journals as well where rules on bank feeds wouldn't apply


"Record Transaction Multiple Times"


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    I wish there was a way of recording recurring journals for a number of periods all in one go.  For example, if i need to process a monthly transfer from prepayments to the expense account, i can set up a recurring journal.  However I then need to either use the To Do List and record each month one at a time, or set them up to record automatically on the last day of each month.  The first option is time consuming, and the second is unsatisfacoty, as I like to have them recorded all for the year in the one go.  not only that, when they are recorded automatically, if i don't log on to MYOB on the last date of the month (for example it's a weekend), then myob will record them as the date i do log in, so therefore the transactions that are meant for one month are recorded into the next month - which means i have to manually edit each one.  

    I use Account right Plus


    "Record recurring journals for a number of months in one go"

  • Status changed:
    Thank you for your suggestion Murray. Some more feedback on this idea would be great so that we can gauge how many users would also like to see this added in.
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    Hey Murray,

    Are you talking about recording accruals and prepayments in advance. The only problem with that they then appear in the future dated transactions report. - but good idea - I would agree - because then you don't have to rememebr to check them each month. Recurring tranactions already have the ability to record a number of times - just fell down in 19.5 versions when it recorded multiple times each month. I haven't seen whether 2013 has fixed that problem.