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7 years ago

Remittance Advice: Clear the To be Printed/Emailed lists

We need to be able to delete remittance advices that aren't sent out, whether to be printed or emailed.  I have a list that goes back to 2015, and have been told there is no way I can delete them.  When I do send one out occasionally, I have to sift through the list, and resort and make sure I have the right one - which is time consuming.  Really annoying that this cannot be done.  'To Be Printed' can be sent as a batch to .pdf and then deleted, which is a little fiddly but worked,  but the email ones are there for ever. 


Already printed or sent is not an option either.


I noted it may be possible to your own email address 'offline' and then delete but this is not suitable, and a little risky.  PLEASE PLEASE can we do something, in another 2 years we'll have HUNDREDS sitting in the list, a simple 'delete' would suffice.


"Remittance advice"


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    Totally agree... I took over my role in a company that hadn't tidied their system for many years and I had a list back to 2008 (much of the information had been purged, but remittance advice still in lists) to clean through both printed and emailed.


    I changed the email address in all the card files of those on the email log to my email address (while documenting the correct email address to add back into card files) and then sent all aging remittance slips in the email log to myself. It was thousands, then had to delete emails recieved and sent and then change card files back.


    then I printed off all those sitting in the print log as PDF's to make them disappear.


    It took far too much time and there was huge room for error in doing it. Finally I have clean logs that I can not manage and keep up to date. Sigh.

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    In Card File the Remitance Advice can be controlled to some extent on the "Payments" page.


    To clear the backlog of Remitance Advice data, print to PDF.





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    agree - so annoyed with this issue  - i have hundreds and takes me ages to send one batch.

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    A recommedation to clear the backlog of Remittance Advices - Print to a .pdf printer.  May take a while.


    Then, if using recurring transactions, change Remittance status as appropriate.


    Also, in Card File, the bility to default this field is a available




    Martyn Freear

    ITEC Business Solutions Limited

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    hi there, what i do now is: click into the purchase and change "to be emailed" to "already printed or sent", it will go, but you have to do it one by one, it's  time consuming as well, but once it's done it's trouble less~~~ 

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    There is much that can improved with remittances in gerneral.

    Clearing the 'To be Printed" is easy, just send them to the XPS or PDF printer.

    "To be Emailed" is time consuming so this feature request is valid and essential.


    You should also look and using the assiging a Remittance adivse to the card.

    I pay some suppliers via EFT some via Amex and some via Visa.

    I have different "Pay Bill" remittenaces setup with the payment details listed on the remittence. It would be great if the "Email Remittance Advices" would use the card default not the email default.  (same applies to invoices)