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12 years ago

Report: Card List [Detail] - Multiple cards on page

In the Card Details report you are forced to print each card to a seperate page.  Please provide the option not to do this as if I am printing only a small amount of information for each card it can be a big waste of paper.


"Ability to print multiple cards on one page in the Card Details report rather than each Card seperately"


  • It should be possible to obtain a detailed report on say current employees or current suppliers (as example) with the report listing more than one of employees or suppliers to the page.  At this stage can only get one employee per page which seems ridculous.  

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    Hi Dale,


    User Julie_B had indicated "...sometimes I may only want the customer's name and phone number..." in this link AccountRight 2012.10 Card List Detailed report.  There are other columnar reports more suited to her requirement to retrieving the customer's name and phone number; for instance "Address List" report as indicated in the screen shot below:-

    Card Address report - All Customer Cards.jpg


    However, it is understandable that Julie_B may not have sought to use the  "Address List" report as it still has a "Select filters" dialog box issue as it is not the same look and feel as other "Cards" reports dialog boxes.  That was reported to MYOB development nine months ago.


    For the benefit of others reading this comment, it was one of the reports that did not prompt for filters to be entered in the "Select filters" dialog box as indicated in the screen shot below:-

    Card Address reportNo Filters.jpg


    The filters inside the report screen appear to work OK the 1st time for say 'Card Type:' "Customer" + 'Cards:' "All" when they have been selected in it, however if the user was to then set the 'Card Type:' to "All" and leave the 'Cards:' unchanged at "All" selected then there is no change after the 'Run Report' icon is clicked.  It is an Inconsistency that would have some users tossed as indicated in my 1st screen shot on this comment due possibly to descrepancies in referential integrity as indicated in the next screen shot:-

    Card Address report - All Card Types - Referential Integrity Problem.jpg