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11 years ago

Report: Customer Payments [Salesperson] - include invoice number

When calculating Sales rep commissions I use the Customer Payments [Sales Person] report as commission is calculated on payments not orders. If there was a column on the report with the invoice number it would save me hours of work. Our reps require invoice numbers as references (as I'm sure most do) on their sales commission reports and I'm having to go into every  single payment listed on the report to see what the invoice number is and note it down. Then export the report to Microsoft Excel to add in the invoice numbers. As we have sales reps nationally this is quite a task. Adding this field to the report would make life a lot easier for me and I suspect others too.


"Invoice number field on Customer Payments [Sales Person] report"

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    Hi Everyone

    AccountRight 2016 allows for the user to add in the Invoice Number (and Invoice Status) to the Customer Payments [Salesperson] report. This can be done by selecting the Insert/Modify tab>>Show Hide option in the Report Columns section and selecting to show the required column/s.