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7 years ago

Report: General Ledger [Detail] - Cash basis

Cash based reporting really needs improving.  A general ledger (cash based) with GST codes would be one report that would make my end of quarter work a lot easier for one particular client and I would get more sleep.  Being able to select more fields in the reporting as a whole would be a big step forward to being able to filter reports to what I want to see.


I know this has been asked before.  Yes I know there is a GST Detail Cash and a Transaction detail for the P&L accounts only.  If I am missing something, please let me know where to find it.

I'm using AccountRight 2017.2.0


"Cash based full general ledger report with gst codes"

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    Hi Everyone


    The General ledger report available in the AccountRight browser interface allows for the reporting method to be changed to Cash.