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12 years ago

Report: General Ledger [Detail] - Memo and Payee fields

With Version 19.5, when printing the GL report, it automatically picked up the Payee or Memo description from Spend Money transactions, and the Journal Memo from Purchases and Sales.


With the new version of Accountright you can only toggle either Payee or Memo, so you either get the Payee, with address (which is not required and makes the report longer and harder to read), or the Memo only.


For instance, in Spend Money, if I put in the Payee who the payment was made out to, and then the details of what the purchase was in the Memo field, I want a report that shows both.  This would be of great benefit to my accountant, who works from the hard copy report I give him at year end.  For Purchases and Sales, I'd like to show the Payee, and the Journal Memo.



"General Ledger Report - Memo and Payee"


  • Surely we can have both myob? is this in the system already? Myob can you please provide  comment. As an accountant, this is extremely important.Thank you 

  • Status changed:
    Thanks for your idea. Recently we have introduced the name field into the General Ledger report. This means you can now have the payee name and memo showing. These fields can be added when the report is open by selecting Insert/Modify tab > Show/Hide.