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4 years ago

Report: Job Profit & Loss Statement - Show jobs as columns, accounts as rows

Can we have the Jobs as columns instead of going down the page.


It makes a lot more sense to have Accounts down the pages as they are same one used for each job.  Then show all jobs across the page.  So much clearer and easier to see how each job is going.


At present I have to export it to Excel and spead so much time moving everything.


This option is what the other accounting packages have as their standard.  Not sure why you just kept repeating the accounts down the page for each job.  




"Job Profit & Loss"

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    Hi KellyAH 

    The Job profit & loss report available in the AccountRight browser interface will showcase the results in a table format with the job number in the column and accounts as the rows. This report can be run for a single job or multiple jobs.