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4 years ago

bank statement showing account allocations

Is there a report or a way to have the accounts code to which transactions have been allocated,  show in the bank statnement? 

  • Hi Itsme 


    When using the browser experience there is no display report option for most reports. It will dynamically display the information when a user updates the filters. As such, you do want to ensure that you have set the appropriate filters for those bank transactions, also ensure that you have Include allocated transactions enabled.

    It should also be noted that the Coding report uses the Banking>>Bank transactions information, which in turn is based on the Bank feeds and/or the bank statement import. If you don't use that functionality in the desktop application or browser then that report would not contain information.

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  • Hi Itsme 


    With the AccountRight in-browser, there is the Coding report. This report will show what account the bank transactions have been allocated to.


    An example of that report is below:

    Note: This is a browser-specific report and is not available in the Desktop application.

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      Thank you Steven,

      How do I access or create a "coding report"?

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        Hi Itsme 

        Apologies - would have been good to include that information in my previous post.


        The Coding report is available through the web-browser experience by selecting Reporting>>Reports and navigate to the Banking reports section before selecting Coding.


        As indicated, this is a web-browser experience only report, it is not a report available through the Desktop application.