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12 years ago

Report: Payroll Activity Summary - Expand report columns (pre-tax and post tax deductions...)

I find the payroll reports in MYOB don't make reconciliations as easy as what they could be i.e. all deductions/expenses are just lumped in together.  My suggestion would be to use the report columns as follows:

(I believe there is work being done in this area - feel free to enlighten me about it if you know)


Gross Wages

Salary Sacrificed Super


Pre-Tax Deductions


Tax Deductions


Net Pay

Superannuation Expenses

Other Expenses


* I wonder if MYOB can have an ETP process whereby the ETP tax actually shows under tax as opposed to a deduction (which can be overlooked by a client when preparing their BAS).


Any updates/feedback welcome.


"Payroll reports need to enable easier reconciliations"


  • I've had a query from an Accountant client of mine with regards to Salary Sacrifice being incorrectly reported as "Gross Wages". Now I think it's arguable from both angles but I guess maybe there needs to be an option for which payroll categories to include (or deduct) for the Gross Wages column on say the Payroll Activity Summary report?


    The issue is, the accountant wants to be able to look at said report and cross check the total figure to the wages account on the P&L and to the total of the PAYG Payment summaries, which in this case were lodged incorrectly as the client had not ticked the box to include salary sacrifice superannuation as being part of the Gross Wages on the payment summary. Her defense was, "Well it matched the report".

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      Hi Jace it


      The payroll activity summary would have agreed with the P & L but should not have agreed with Payment summaries until the sal sacrifice was deducted.  The payment summaries would also not have agreed with what should have been reported to the ATO on the BAS, but I assume these were done wrong each quarter.


      Salary Sacrifice in whatever form (expense payments, super etc) needs to have it's own column on the activity report to be able to distinguish the amount to reduce gross wages by when reporting on the BAS and to assist at year end reconciling and to get it out of being lumped with other deductions (eg child support, loan repayment etc).

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      I agree. I have requested the layout of the payroll report be changed too.  Refer to my idea dated 07.12.12  and vote for it so we can finally get this changed.


      ps I voted for yours too!

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      MYOB Staff

      Hi ASWatCR, thanks for your suggestion to have this combined with your original post.


      In looking through your posts for the 7/12/12 I'm not able to find one that seems related to this feature. Could you please provide a link to your original post so that Jace_IT_Figures is able to vote and comment on it to show support for it?

      Kind Regards,
      Matthew - MYOB Client Support.

  • Need additional columns for payroll reports. Currently all deductions are lumped together in the one column, whether it's for a super deduction, pre or post tax, or a non salary deduction. Same with payments - need to separate wages and other payments for better identification.

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      Hi Rosie,


      I have posted this idea already - and totally agree with you! 


      I have voted for yours, and ask you vote for mine also - perhaps others will too and we can get this report fixed/more user friendly.


      Just click on my name and it will bring up a list of all of my ideas - this idea is called "Payroll reports need to enable easier reconciliations".  Feel free to vote for any of my ideas that you like!

  • I use another report for this information. It is under Payroll Categories Heading and is called Payroll Summary. Not sure if this is what you are after but lists separate deductions, super etc

  • Thanks for your idea Lyn.  I do know this report and it is very useful for end of of payroll year reconciliations.


    However this report does not break it down into individual staff, unless you end up with a massive number of pages.  I was thinking the activity report should have these few extra columns just so it would be more user friendly when using it for each pay run i.e. to check each staff amounts etc.

  • Definitely a great layout ASWatCR. Especially a fan of the 'Super' vs 'Other' expenses as soooo many clients refuse to believe until I prove it to them that (in most cases) their 'Other Expenses' column is actually their superannuation expense.


    Thanks for getting our ideas combined. Hopefully this gets off the ground soon! Sick of accountants whinging at me about it. ;P


    As to comments on my thread here - The example I gave was for someone who wasn't a client and prepared their own BAS and yes they did prepare it incorrectly as Julie_A_C suggested and then incorrectly prepared their PAYG Payment summaries as they were under the impression that because it added up and agreed to the report that it was all fine.

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    Status changed:
    Thank you for the Idea and the comments. This does appear to be a popular Idea. We have brought it to the attention of our Developers for it to be considered in a future release.