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Report: Profit & Loss [Last Year Analysis] - Ability to select year for analysis (not just financial year)

Can MYOB consider giving us options to choose (Last Year/This Year/Next Year) in the Analysis Report options as it can often take 6-8 months for my files to be approved to be rolled over by the Accountant therefore doing any analysis reports requires printing of two separate reports for the periods concerned (ie August 14 compared to August 13).


If anyone knows a way around this please advise.  I would prefer not to have to export it to excel and do it manually, a generated option would be much easier.




"Analysis Reports - P&L and Balance Sheets"


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    Thanks for your feedback in regards to the AccountRight program and the reporting of Balance sheets and profit and loss accounts.

    I'm 100% sure on what exactly you are referring to, is the Reports>>Accounts>>Balance Sheet>>Balance Sheets [Last year Analysis] and Profit & Loss [Last Year Analysis] Reports not suitable?

    If they are not suitable can you provide additional information into your idea in regards to what exactly you are looking for in addition to those reports?

  • Yes I am referring to this report:


     Reports>>Accounts>>Balance Sheet>>Balance Sheets [Last year Analysis] and Profit & Loss [Last Year Analysis] Reports


    However at the moment I can only generate a comparison report for July 13/July 12 whereas I want to generate a report for July 14/July 13.  This report will not generate until I rollover the file which I can't do until the accountant has finalised the books, this may not happen until May 2015.  I do not want to roll the file over and restore back to the backup each month to generate these comparison reports.


    This option is available for Year to Date Reports but not for Analysis Reports:


    Reports>>Accounts>>Profit & Loss>>Year to Date - has option for a financial year selection box in the bottom right hand corner: Next Year (2015)  This Year (2014)  Last Year (2013).  Can this financial year selection box be added to the analysis reports customisation?

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    Hi JSJIND 

    Thanks for the clarification.

    I would encourage other users that would like to see the ability to generate analysis balance sheet and profit and loss reports for  different periods rather than just in the last financial year to vote and comment for this idea if required

  • Hello,


    I agree. Analysis reports such as the Last Year Analysis Report requires the ability to choose which financial year to compare with without having to roll forward the MYOB file.