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11 years ago

Report: Profit & Loss [Last Year Analysis] - Based on calendar year not financial year

Currently the Profit & Loss [Last Year Analysis] Report can only be run for the year the data file is in and the prior year. It would be good to be able to run this for the current financial year without having to roll the ledger as well.


Alternatively, adding a $ column to be able to be brought in for the Profit & Loss % Analysis report would be good.


"Be able to run Profit & Loss [Last Year Analysis] in the current year"


  • Hi Chrissmith,


    We, at Accounting Addons, have developed a software called BudgetLink which allows you to do so. You can report your data for multiple years (future and past) so long as the data has not been purged out of MYOB.


    I recommend you download the free version of our product. Yes, free as in 0$. There is a paid version of course, which has fancier feature, but I recommend you start with this one.


    Best of luck.

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    Thank you for your post. It would be good to have the option to run the Profit & Loss [Last Year Analysis] report for years other than the current Financial Year in the file. This may be something that is included in a future update. In the meantime the add-on suggested by Nic-acc-addons may help you with this. We request others who would like this change to please vote and comment.
  • We have upgraded our software for clients and now can not complete the P & L Last Year Analysis or P & L With Last Year for those files that are not rolled over into the current year we are working on. This use to work and now it doesn't. This seems a bit backwards as you should always be comparing with prior years and you can not complete rollovers immediately - waiting on Accountants Figures. Please advise if I have overlooked something but there should be an addition option to select for the year you want to compare last years with. I am sure that this is what was available in previous versions. And yes you could only go back so far but I'm pretty sure the idea of a package like this is to compare current and upcoming expenses to the year before no matter what.