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9 years ago

Report: Purchases [Supplier Detail] - Show payment information

It would be super handy for my monthly cashflow reporting to be able to generate a Supplier Purchases Detail report for closed bills with the options of adding payment/cheque date/s and amounts.  This would be a marked improvement on those closed bill reporting options currently available as this would include the full details of invoices paid, including their GL account and job numbers.  I currently have to painstakingly combine a couple of different reports to get the information I need.


Please see the attachment for an excel example of what I'm suggesting..


(Note: The columns & rows highlighted yellow are a further option should this report be expanded or altered to a "supplier purchases detail report - bill payments" rather that just closesd bills to capture ALL cash movements within a month.)


"Detailed report for closed bills including payment information"



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    Hi Amarice

    Thank you for your idea in regards to AccountRight and the Supplier Detail report.

    I would encourage other users that would like to see multiple payment detail columns  i.e as per the attached report added to the Supplier Detail report to vote and comment if required for this particular idea.

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    Hi Steven/MYOB team,


    Is this report anywhere near available yet? This report will be very useful to tracking project costing status on regular basis.